Monday, October 1, 2012

DerbyCon Slides: Alice in Redirection Land

I want to send a thank you out to everyone that came out to my presentation at Derbycon 2012.  I also want to thank everyone that contributed either technical input, graphical support, mentor-ship or just plain emotional support.  Special thanks out to my wife Jenn, Jeremy Willingham, Doug Ford, Art of Exploitation team, c.barr (graphics), Sleep3rN3t, KC Yerrid, Johnny Long, Sam, Dave Kennedy (Re1ik), the Derbycon crew, Hackers For Charity crew, and everyone else that has supported me along the way.  

I have made my slides available for download if you were unable to attend.  Video of the talk should be posted any day and I will post an update when they are available.

Thanks again!  Awkward Hugs!

-Nathan "Dirty" Magniez

Alice in Redirection Land Derbycon 2012 slides

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