Thursday, September 22, 2016

Derbycon 2016

I'll be at Derbycon 6.0 giving a talk this year.

Come by and see my talk on Body Hacking 101 on Saturday at 5:30 in the Track 4 (The 3-Way) Conference Room.

Talk outline:
Security consulting is a beast of a lifestyle. Travel, airport food, late night report writing...It leads to accumulating a spare tire and unhealthy habits. If you have wondered how to overcome this unspoken issue in our community then this talk is for you. 

I was there. Flying. Eating. Ignoring my health. 

If you are wondering how to get started in a healthier lifestyle without the inundation of pseudo/false information from fitness magazines then this workshop is for you. Every attendee will walk away with the knowledge and ability to control their own body weight and shape their own health goals. This will be a no non-sense, no body shaming, no bullshit approach to helping people achieve what they want out of themselves. 

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