Where is the money going?

This is a video about the "Food for Work" Program that has lost funding due to lack of funds. I would like to kick start it back into action! Each shirt sold can supply a family with a month's worth of food and provide land to harvest food which can last for years!

This is a "food for work" program whereby able-bodied participants be given plots of land and all the materials and skills needed to plant, maintain and harvest a large personal farm. A portion of the harvest is given to AOET Kenya for distribution in the community as well as to “buy” another season to work the farm. The bulk of the harvest goes to the farmer, most of whom have graduated from the food distribution program and are now doing well enough to work and sustain themselves. HFC

Hackers For Charity "Food for Work" Program, 2008 from Johnny Long on Vimeo.

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